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A Fuse #8 Production
Inside A Fuse #8 Production

A Look Back: The Swag of 2020

In a weird year I look back at the even weirder swag of 2020.

Put a Little Swag In Your Step (2019 edition)

This year, I decided to meticulously keep track of every little bit of swag that came my way. Here is a full accounting of what I have found, broken down by category. Perhaps it will be of use or interest to anyone who wishes to start delving into swag of their own.

Swag Trends

Today we’re going to rate the swag of 2019. From the best of the best to the absolute worst. I warn you. Glitter is involved.

Swag I Have Known

A tragedy hit New York City this week.  Babes cried.  Women rent clothing.  Grown men clutched their hearts and wondered if the end was near. My Bink & Gollie watch died. I am a children’s librarian.  As such, I get swag.  Not a lot.  Before the economic crises took a hit swag was a far […]