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A Fuse #8 Production
Inside A Fuse #8 Production

Unexpected Jolts of Children’s Literature

Today we look at a wide variety of adult titles with tangential connections to children’s books.

Surprise! It’s Activist!: Children’s Entertainment Increasingly Takes a Stand

Today we offer the antithesis to that old “Surprise! It’s Racist!” post I created in 2014. What are the forms of children’s entertainment that surprise you with their activism? I consider some old standbys and new concepts.

Fusenews: O my cabbage stalks, I must leave you behind!

It’s been a while! You can tell when I’ve been flush with content because my Fusenews posts become a bit less frequent. But here we go. I’m back, and I just have so MUCH to tell you! Where to start, where to start . . . . I know! Let’s begin with everyone’s favorite subject. […]

Fusenews: In which I find the barest hint of an excuse to post a Rex Stout cover

I’ve been watching The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt recently.  So far the resident husband and I have only made it through two episodes, but I was pleased as punch when I learned that the plot twist in storyline #2 hinged on a Baby-Sitter’s Club novel.  Specifically Babysitter’s Club Mystery No. 12: Dawn and the Surfer Ghost.  […]

Fusenews: The P.D. Eastman Influence

Hope you all had a marvelous Thanksgiving yesterday!  I had family in town, including my niece and brother-in-law.  Steve, the bro-in-law in question, has a kind of genius for synthesizing down P.D. Eastman books to their most essential lessons.  He’s always objected to Are You My Mother? on the basis that this baby bird is […]

Child Completists: The 10-Year-Olds’ Tendency to Track Down the Out-of-Print

When I was ten the kids in my neighborhood started a rather odd obsession.  For a time the Trixie Belden series was released with new covers, giving those books from the 50s, 60s, and 70s a kick in the pants.  Note how hip and cool these covers were: Awwww, yeah. So the girls on my […]

Fusenews: “A sort of child’s Jane Eyre.”

“Jarrett Krosoczka is one of 25 hottest children’s authors in the nation.” So said Henderson City Mayor Andy Hafen when presenting Mr. Krosoczka with the key to the city.  I’ll just say that again.  The mayor of a city mentioned Jarrett being part of my old The Hot Men of Children’s Literature series when presenting […]