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A Fuse #8 Production
Inside A Fuse #8 Production

The Podcast/Book Hybrid: Diving Into the Story Seeds Imagination Lab Activity Book

Looking for a summer reading giveaway or something to give you programming ideas? One of my podcasts may have a solution.

Story Seeds: A Podcast for Our Time

Learn about Story Seeds, a new podcast that reveals the creative and writing process, models the value of deep listening and collaboration between children and adults, and shares great, diverse stories that inspire kids to write, imagine, and be curious about their world.

A New Podcast for Your Children: Story Seeds Is Live!

There’s a new podcast in town. Listen in, then stay tuned for a special PSA from Jason Reynolds sharing 8 tips on how to fight COVID-19.

Press Release Fun: Children and Authors To Collaborate on The Story Seeds Podcast, Launching this Fall

The independent and award-winning children’s media studio, Literary Safari, will launch The Story Seeds™ Podcast this fall, matching children ages 7-12 with best-selling, diverse authors who grow original stories inspired by kids’ story ideas.