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A Fuse #8 Production
Inside A Fuse #8 Production

The Top 100 Board Books Poll Countdown: #5 – 1!

We did it! We really and truly did it. You voted. The votes were tallied. And now we’re finishing up the last remaining titles on the Top 100 Board Books Poll Countdown. Some of you have asked if this will appear in a nice printable format, so I’ll work with SLJ to see if we […]

The Top 100 Board Books Poll Countdown: #10-6

*Sniff* And just like that it’s almost over. But what beauties we have to share before we go! Nearing the end, we’re seeing a sharp increase in the number of older titles. One thing that interested me, looking at today’s list, is that according to my sources, these books were all published in 1982 or […]

The Top 100 Board Books Poll Countdown: #15 – 11

I always like to include the publication dates of each of these board books when I present them on my lists. I do this partly because I’m interested in watching what constitutes a “classic” board book. If a book was originally a picture book and then was converted to a board book later, is it […]

The Top 100 Board Books Poll Countdown: #20-16

This is the first of the last four posts of our poll! How time does fly. Initially I was going to release each of the Top 20 books in its own separate post, but life is short and I’m looking forward to posting something else for the remainder of the month of August. Not that […]

The Top 100 Board Books Poll Countdown: #25-21

Today I’ll be including my very first board book from 2019 in the mix. How is it possible that it got so many votes already? Read on and I’ll divulge all.    #25 – The Little Blue Truck by Alice Schertle (2015) My first introduction to this book came by way of, of all things, […]

The Top 100 Board Books Poll Countdown: #30-26

Two surprises on today’s list. First, there is the fact that Llama Llama makes two appearances on a single list. The second is that all but one of these books originally appeared as picture books and were since adapted. Is this a sign of things to come? As we near the Top 10, will everything […]

The Top 100 Board Books Poll Countdown: #35-31

Before we go too much further into the poll list, I want you to look at this little graph I pulled today from my most recent copy of Publishers Weekly. Tell me what you see here: Did you notice the board book numbers? How they are conspicuously higher than all other types of books? This […]

The Top 100 Board Books Poll Countdown: #40-36

You realize, of course, that when we hit the Top 20 in these poll results that I’ll be doing a board book a day. Woohoo! Can’t wait for that to begin. Then again, there’s much to be said for these countdowns by 5s. Where else could you find such an eclectic array? Starting, of course, […]

The Top 100 Board Books Poll Countdown: #45-41

The other night I saw the documentary Won’t You Be My Neighbor? about the life and work of Mr. Rogers. So much of the film discusses the emotional life and development of small children and I was continually struck by the fact that while I understand that the focus was on television and televised entertainment, […]

The Top 100 Board Books Poll Countdown: #50-46

Now that we’ve crested the fifty-mark, I’m going to slow things down a spell and start counting down by fives. Keep your eyes open wide, folks. These next few books are doozies:   #50 – Jamberry by Bruce Degen (1995) The legacy of Bruce Degen can be nicely sliced into two distinct categories. On the […]

The Top 100 Board Books Poll Countdown: #60-51

I don’t like to pick favorites but the ten books featured on the list today might well be my favorite board book run of this series. I mean, where else are you going to find animals of the Native Northwest, imports, picture book adaptations, high contrast titles, and books with removable components? The list:   […]

The Top 100 Board Books Poll Countdown: #70-61

It’s getting down to the wire, but we’ve still a ways to go until the Top 20. Today’s listing of contenders has a certain level of sophistication at work. New names appear on the list, like Lane Smith and Marla Frazee, while others solidify their status (Boynton, Katz, Oxenbury, etc.). The oldest book on today’s […]

The Top 100 Board Books Poll Countdown: #80-71

The overriding theme of today’s release of the Top 100 Board Books Poll results is currency. So many of the books on today’s list were published for the first time in the last five or so years). I myself have seen a distinct uptick during that time of quality (as well as quantity). Read your […]

The Top 100 Board Books Poll Countdown: #90-81

The poll results continue. Yesterday we got off to a slambang start with a whole host of worthy titles. How will the next round stand up in comparison? See for yourself: #90 – Elephants Spray by Rebecca Glaser (2016)   “Another title where I wish I could vote for the entire series! I love the […]

Announcing the Top 100 Board Books Poll!

If you will be so good as to look over to the right-hand side of my blog here, you’ll notice that the top two links listed in the sidebar are two “Top 100 Polls”. What does that mean? Well, about six years ago I announced a challenge to my readers. I wanted them to personally […]