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A Fuse #8 Production
Inside A Fuse #8 Production

Won’t Somebody PLEASE Think of the Pixels?

The other day I asked my husband, “Am I a Millennial?”  “No,” he said.  “You’re right between the Millennials and the Generation Xers.  You don’t really belong to either.”  That’s about right.  Millennials always feel too young to me (I can’t discuss Boy Meets World with them at all) and Generation Xers are great but […]

2015: The Year of the Spiders and the Flies

Let’s face facts.  When doing a trendwatch piece, it’s almost impossible to top Travis Jonker’s 2014 bit of brilliance 2014: The Year of the Whale. Prior to that piece I had done The Year of the Chloe, The Year of the Jackalope, and The Year of the Raven.  And now, in 2015, I’m calling it […]

Trendwatch 2012: A Cluster of Chloes, a Journey of Jackalopes

My buddy and fellow blogger Travis Jonker sent me the following images recently: What are you looking at?  Just a couple shots from the book Oddfellow’s Orphanage by Emily Winfield Martin.  The book is yet another entry into this year’s Oddest Children’s Literary Trend. One of two, as it happens.  I like keeping track of […]

2011 Booktalk Pairings

Children’s librarians have many weapons at their disposal that allow them to entice children young and old with delicious literature. The booktalk may be the best of the bunch. Before I joined the profession I was utterly unaware of what booktalking really was. It certainly didn’t exist when I was a child, at least not […]

2011: The Year of the Raven

Quoth the raven: What the heck? At this point I’m getting a little suspicious.  You see, every year I like to keep track of “trends” in the world of children’s literature.  For example, back in 2006 there were at least two novels (Wintersmith by Terry Pratchett and Here Be Monsters by Alan Snow) that contained […]