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Battle of the Books

The Great T-shirt Giveaway

Hey there. Have we got a contest for you!  Involving t-shirts.  You see, we’ve got a bunch of them for this year’s Battle of the Kids’ Books.  Pretty snazzy looking too.  And starting Friday we are going to give out fifteen to the fifteen bloggers who do the best posts (or, for that matter, videos) about the Battle. So email the Battle Commander your links for Friday’s Peanut Gallery and fifteen of you will get both a link in our weekly post and a nifty 2010 Battle of the Kids’ Books tee-shirt!


  1. Do you want us to link to our posts in comments? Or email them to the Battle Commander?

  2. Battle Commander says:

    Both work. We’ve got a google alert going, but emailing is good too. (But we’ve our eye on you because you did so well by us last year:)

  3. Huh… I thought I was being followed and watched.

    I’m so looking forward to this year — a handful of posts may be delayed as I’ll be on vacation without easy Internet access. But I will triumph! Somewhere there will be free wireless and I’ll be there….

  4. Battle Commander says:

    Everdeen Ladies, you got ’em!

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