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Battle of the Books

Twittering the Contenders

Thanks to all for tweeting and retweeting yesterday’s announcement of this year’s contenders. Then there were those of you who managed not only to tweet the announcement but squeeze in something more, all within 140 characters! (If we missed some, our apologies. These are the ones we caught.)

laurajspangler  Battles of the Books announced! battleofthebooks.slj.comGreat list, @SLJsBoB Love Ness and Schmidt. #reading

LizB Only books I haven’t read from @SLJsBoB list are Cheshire Cheese Cat; Dead End in Norvelt; Grand Plan to Fix Everything; and Wonderstruck

funnypages I’ve only read a few of the @SLJsBoB selections, but I’ve bought all of them. #collectiondevelopment #prettygoodatit

Bkwrm7 @SLJsBoB Have read precisely half of the competitors. With 8 books in a month and a half, I better get going! #sljbob12

thebrainlair @Librariest @sljsbob I’ve read 12 of 16! ::makesplanstogetrestofbooks

Librariest @thebrainlair @sljsbob Same here. I only have four to go: Bootleg Anya’s Ghost, Smoke and Bone and Exploded Diagram

MaryAnnScheuer RT @sljournal: In case you missed: SLJ’s Battle of the Books Is Back #sljbob12 <= love BoB! So much fun

RoccoA What a list for #SLJBOB12 @Patrick_Ness @LainiTaylor@KadirNelson @candacefleming @KarenBlu are all on @sljournal

hood_and_hat Hoping to read missed books this month and play along. RT@SLJsBoB: And we are off!… #sljbob12

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