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Battle of the Books

2012 Judge: Lauren Myracle

Lauren Myracle is the author of the New York Times bestselling Internet Girls series (ttyl, ttfn, and l8r, g8r), Rhymes with Witches, Bliss, the Flower Power series, and Shine, which was one of the most talked about books of 2011, among many other books for teens and young people. She lives in Colorado with her family. Visit her online at¬†to find out her “Deepest Darkest Secrets” which include her claim that “AUTHORS ARE JUST NORMAL PEOPLE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. Well, all right, maybe not normal.”


  1. Ha! You invited me to try to guess which matches they would judge. So it comes to mind that you would put her in something of a difficult spot if you ask her to judge between Chime and The Cheshire Cheese Cat. All those “Ch”‘s that get mistaken for “Sh”! Or another tricky slot would be judging Heart & Soul versus Inside Out & Back Again.

    Seriously, Lauren Myracle showed nothing but grace in the whole award finalist debacle, and I’m sure she’ll do a fantastic job and judge fairly. But I do hope, for her sake, that she is not assigned to either of those matches. And I’m going to add Shine to the list of books I’d like to read before the Battle.

  2. Sara Ralph says

    Loved, loved, LOVED Shine. If you hadn’t read it, you should, immediately. ūüôā

  3. I’m thrilled she was chosen as a judge but I’m also sad that Shine wasn’t chosen as a contender. I really loved it.

  4. I think it would be rather ironic if Myracle was asked to judge CHIME in the opening round, given the National Book Award fiasco . . .

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