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Battle of the Books

2012 Judge: Jonathan Stroud

Jonathan Stroud lives in England with his wife, two children and assorted domestic animals, one or two of which have never passed judgement on his work. He has written eight novels, and is at this moment scribbling frenziedly at a new one while he types these words with his feet. He is best known as the creator and voice of Bartimaeus the djinni, an arrogant, abusive and thoroughly prejudiced character, with a strong line in ripe sarcasm. This naturally makes Jonathan a terrific choice to be an impartial judge in this year’s competition.

(Stroud forgot to mention that his Ring of Solomon, a fourth tale of the much beloved Bartimaeus, was the big winner of last year’s Battle of the Kids’ Books.  Read the Big Kahuna round judge’s statement by Richard Peck HERE.)


  1. Excellent! Can’t wait to see what match Jonathan gets – LOVE the Bartimaeus books! I do have a confession to make: the only book in the series I have NOT read is Ring of Solomon. Might have something to do with the fact that it beat Conspiracy last year, and so I’m bitter about that.

  2. I would like the promise that if Jonathan Stroud, for any reason, cannot fulfill his duties as judge, that Bartimaeus will be willing to step in and fill his shoes. And it is preferred he do it in the guise of the hippo lady.

  3. Battle Commander says

    Mr. Bloom — Jonathan Stroud is to be our Big Kahuna judge! It was already mentioned in the SLJ article about this year’s Battle. (So this Commander is not leaking any information accidentally.) You still have time to Right Your Wrong and add one more book to your reading list in preparation of this year’s BoB. It truly is a great read! You will enjoy it!

    DaNae, I really love your suggestion. We need to get in touch with Bartimaeus’ agent pronto!

  4. Sam, Sam, you are making a terrible mistake! Read The Ring of Solomon. It’s my favorite of the four Bartimaeus books.

  5. Wow, how did I miss the Big Kahuna announcement?! That’s awesome! And I *will* read Ring of Solomon, but ONLY because Megan is telling me it’s okay. =) (just kidding, it has been on my to-read list forever… I’ll just need to move it up a few notches)


  1. […] anyone else, but after reading today’s short judge bio (penned by Stroud himself) there at SLJ’s Battle of the Kids’ Books, I was pumped in anticipation for the final Kahuna Round on April 2nd: which persona will Stroud […]

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