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Battle of the Books

Judges and Brackets and Super Fans, Oh My!

We’ve revealed all the judges and you can see what rounds they are judging over on the sidebar or on our really beautiful bracket (ready to download and print out for display in your library) here.

Tomorrow the Undead Poll opens (yes!!!) and then be sure to come back on Wednesday when we start something new — a series of guest posts by some of our most loyal fans, all writing on the subject “What BoB Means to Me.”  They are fabulous!


  1. Ok, I’m going to judge the 1st round brackets by their judges – these are NOT my official votes as I am still reading!
    Phelan – Anya’s Ghost
    Forman – BSofGRay
    Montgomery – Cheshire
    Zarr- Dead End
    O’Connor – Grand Plan
    Weeks – Inside Out
    Myracle – Life: An Exploded
    Kinney – Wonderstruck

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