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Battle of the Books

Introducing… Official Kid Commentators!

A new addition to the 2012 BoB: we have two official Kid Commentators who will follow and comment on the Matches along with our veteran commentator Jonathan Hunt.  We are so pleased to be able to gain some insights directly from the young readers for whom these books are intended.

Here’s Official Kid Commentator Number One: RGN, who will introduce himself to you all:

Why I follow BoB

Last year, I was blessed by learning about BoB. I love reading and writing, so I was really excited when I followed it as part of a “Book Bloggers” club after school. What started out as a curiosity soon became more of an obsession (soon to be annual); I avidly rooted for my favorite books and became more involved in the competition.

In February, I was happily surprised when I realized it was Battle of the Books time. I look forward to commenting and viewing the contest. May the best book win!

— Official Kid Commentator, RGN.

RGN is a seventh grader in NYC who loves reading and writing – as well as history, which features in some of the BoB books!


  1. What a well spoken, (written) young reader. I, for one will be looking forward to RGN’s comments. With as much as I adore these books, I often lose sight of the intended audience. It will be refreshing to see if my passions coincide with a seventh-grader.

  2. Welcome to the Obsession, young blogger!

  3. What a well written post by someone from the next generation of book blogging! Welcome to the obsession!

  4. What a great addition to the battle! I’ll look forward to hearing your opinions, RGN!

  5. This might be the best addition to the battle yet. Can’t wait to hear more.

  6. The coolest, bestest contest on the planet just cooler and bestester!! Welcome RGN!

  7. Really fun idea. Who’s the other Kid Commentator?

  8. Battle Commander says

    She will be introduced soon!

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