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Battle of the Books

Archives for March 2012

What BoB Means to Brandy Painter

Basketball, Books, and Brandy I have lived most of my adult life in the south, for many years in North Carolina, home of the great Duke vs. UNC rivalry. I now reside in Knoxville, Tennessee, home of the University of Tennessee, Pat Summitt, and the Lady Vols. I also grew up in the home of […]

What BoB Means to Kathy Burnette

Let’s Get Ready to RRRUUMMBBLLEE! About 2 ½ years ago, in the summer of 2009, I was interning at the wonderful St. Joseph County Public Library, and Kris, the children’s librarian, had me working on the list for that year’s Mock Newbery club. I was so excited, because I’d always wanted to run a Mock […]

What BoB Means to Sam Bloom

An Ode to BoB I don’t know about all of you, but I start to get the blahs after the YMAs are announced at ALA Midwinter. The excited buzz of the awards season pretty much vanishes into thin air, and February with all its dreariness soon descends upon Cincinnati. Thankfully, some enterprising folks – our […]

What BoB Means to Paige Ysteboe

I have been a school librarian for twenty-two years and in all of that time, I have never felt up-to-date on children’s and young literature.  I read constantly, but I simply can’t keep up.  I received this year’s big book order when we got back from winter break.  I marked 222 books to read.  I […]

Don’t Leave It to Chances!

You never know which books the judges are going to move forward down the road.  Many surprises await the BoB spectators.  So, don’t leave it to chances. Make sure your most beloved book makes it to the final round. VOTE FOR TODAY! (Remember, the poll closes on March 11.)

What BoB Means to DaNae Leu

Football enthusiasts get the Super Bowl. Horse Racing enthusiasts get the Derby. Reality TV enthusiasts get roses, snuffed torches, and temper tantrums. What do children’s lit enthusiasts get? We get the knockdown, drag-out of ALA in January. Oops, no, that is not what I meant. (Because, as everyone knows, when it comes to the revered […]

What BoB Means to Sondy Eklund

I was delighted to meet Roxanne and Monica and Jonathan at ALA Midwinter Meeting, when I went to view a Notable Books’ committee meeting.  I’ve long been so pleased about the way I’ve made real life friends via my own website, and how delightful it is to learn that I can also make friends from […]