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Battle of the Books

The Brackets Revealed!

In the comments of the Contenders Announcement we mentioned that we’d decided to go for a different bracket configuration this year and asked you to speculate a bit on what that might be. You came up with some great ideas which we will keep in mind for the future. Meanwhile, we were tickled to see that Nina figured out this year’s bracket!  It is now up on the bracket page for you study as you wait for us to begin announcing the judges on February 6th.  But below is a very fun and different way of seeing the matches done by our graphics genius and SLJ’s Art Director Mark Tuchman.

The Battle Plan


  1. Just put a hold on all the books I haven’t read. Which is all the nonfiction (except for Bomb). It really is a non-fiction-heavy year. Still, I’m quite excited for this!

  2. ElleLibrarian says

    Interesting “apples vs. oranges” brackets – it’ll be great to see what comes out on top!

  3. Oh boy! Wonder vs. Bomb? Splendors and Glooms vs. Liar and Spy? I can hardly wait to hear the judges’ thoughts.

  4. Every year I say I’m going to read all of the books before the Battle starts, but I am super far behind this year. I’ve only read 3 of these!

  5. TeenReader says

    So excited about this great bracket! An embarrassment of riches to have this the day after the YMAs.

  6. What fun — love the graphics! Ratther spot on too — can I surrender now? CODE NAME VERITY is amazing and probably my favorite book of the year. It still haunts me. If it ever becomes a film it will be the kind where I always have to get up at crucial moments because of the suspense.

  7. Yes, fantastic graphics! Love the inclusion of the combat boots in Code Name Verity, and the atom vs. DNA helix juxtaposition for Bomb and Wonder!

  8. Battle Commander Battle Commander says


    We put up the titles really early this year to give everyone a chance to read the whole slate. You are only 13 books to go and have about 6 weeks to the starting of the Battle (and 9 to the end!) — So I say it’s totally doable!!!

  9. Well, I’ll give it the old college try. I just checked out 3 of the 13 I still have to read, so I’m off to a good start.

  10. Great bracket until I reached the LIAR & SPY against SPLENDORS. A bit painful. I think I may be solidly on team VERITY. Deborah, that is some rough Karma. Congratulations on the YALSA and Sibert love.

  11. I’m with you, DaNae – Liar & Spy vs. Splendors & Glooms looks like the most evenly matched bracket to me. I I like both of them so much, though I’m fonder of Liar & Spy.

  12. DaNae- Thank you for the kind words — Sibert a long-held dream and loved the YALSA format with early announcement of finalists and reading challenge. YALSA reception great. I’d been sure Code Name Verity would win so maybe it will here. A fun week but no more reading for pleasure for me — back to day job — and next book!

  13. Yes, Deborah, back to work. I will be breaking out ABE LINCOLN CROSSES A CREEK anytime now. A favorite read aloud at this, or any, time of the year. Thanks for bringing such joyful bio-books for my younger students.

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