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Battle of the Books

2013 Judge: Donna Jo Napoli

Donna Jo Napoli did not grow up wanting to be a writer.  She loved books and she loved writing, but she loved just about everything else, too.  School was a haven, particularly school libraries.  It was after a personal tragedy that she came to writing, almost as a kind of whacked-out therapy.  It worked; she got over her grief.  But she didn’t get over writing.  She has five children and two grandchildren (and she hopes to have a third by the time you read this).  She teaches linguistics, gardens, dances, does yoga, bakes bread, pots, and draws.  As of 2013 she has over 70 fiction books in print.

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  1. Love Donna Jo’s books . . . and her great smile! Glad she’s judging!

  2. But the really GREAT thing about Donna Jo Napoli? She has a B.A. in math! (I thought I remembered that about her and looked it up, and sure enough!) Seriously, I’ve loved her books ever since I read The Prince of the Pond to my boys. Clearly, she’ll bring sound judgment to the judging process! 🙂

  3. Library Girl says

    How fitting! I just book talked Zel to all of the classes in my library today!

  4. I heard her give the most amazing keynote at SCBWI a couple of summers ago. She talked about why it was important for writers of children’s books to tackle hard subjects and important for young readers to read them. I wished every self-censoring librarian I know, and I know many, could have heard the speech.

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