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Battle of the Books

2013 Judge: Kenneth Oppel

Kenneth Oppel is the Printz-Honor winning author of Airborn, Silverwing, This Dark Endeavor, and numerous other books for children and young adults. His novel Half Brother was the first book to win both the Canadian Library Association’s Book of the Year for Children, as well as its Book of the Year for Young Adults. Oppel’s Silverwing trilogy, told entirely from the point of view of bats, has sold over a million copies worldwide. His latest book is Such Wicked Intent, Book II in the Apprenticeship of Victor Frankenstein. Kenneth Oppel lives in Toronto with his wife and three children.


Oppel_2010_credit Jim Gillettsuch wicked intent

                (photo credit:Jim Gillett)


  1. These are some seriously great judges! I love Kenneth Oppel. I saw him a couple of years ago at Books for the Beast, and he was wonderful. Plus, super cute in person, not that it matters (but we all noticed it anyway).

  2. I was lucky enough to hear him speak a few years ago also. Cute Canadian is an apt descriptor. I loved when he told the audience that he didn’t understand authors who let their character tell them the story. He said he was very much the Dungeon Master who controlled the fate of all. Also he was able to causally throw out the phrase “a family friend who knew Roald Dahl.”

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