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Battle of the Books

Who Do YOU Want in the Finale? The Undead Poll is Open!

Worried that your favorite won’t make it to the finals?  Here’s your chance to make it happen.  Starting today you can vote in our Undead Poll for the contender you most want in the final round.

The previously-eliminated contender that receives the most votes will be pulled out of the grave and brought out to join the two other finalists for the final decision as rendered by Frank “Big Kahuna” Cottrell Boyce.

So vote for your favorite and then, by all means, scheme, lobby, tweet, rally the troops, and do whatever you can to get the vote out for your favorite. Just remember what happened in 2010 when a scientist did a post urging his readers to vote for The Frog Scientist and — guess what? — it won!  So you never know!

The poll will be open until March 10th and we will announce the winner on March 30th.  So think carefully. Who do YOU want in the final round?




  1. Surely, surely, the wise once-a-math-major Donna Jo Napoli would never go against CODE NAME VERITY!? But if I count on every judge seeing the obvious greatness, I know I’ll be kicking myself at the end….

  2. Battle Commander Battle Commander says

    As the past wisdom showed us — don’t bank on ANYTHING. Vote for your favorite book.

  3. Battle Commander Battle Commander says

    At this moment, we have a clear front runner at almost 30% of the votes!!! Can you guess which one it is? (Not that we will reveal it!) We’ll monitor the poll closely — keep voting!

  4. I am going to guess Wonder or Bomb! Either way Kenneth Oppel votes, it’s devastating!

  5. Since I don’t consider myself unique, I’m betting CODE NAME VERITY is getting the early love. And after finishing TITANIC I can see how my favorite could get ousted right out of the race. I’m content with CODE ZOMBIE.

  6. I’m guessing CODE NAME VERITY gets the early love. How could it not? But if the Nerdfighters get wind of the situation, it might change….

  7. I’m really struggling with where to put my vote this year, and I still have 5 books left to read! I think Verity will probably win the vote in the end and I’m ok with that — it was an incredible book.

  8. Steffaney Smith says

    My undead vote is in, but don’t try to read too much into it! I may be on the far flank of the battle! As long as I don’t have to read “Splendors & Glooms,” I’m fine!
    (But maybe a good judge commentary could tempt me!)

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