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Battle of the Books

2014 Battle Plans Revealed

Behold, the blueprint of the 2014 BoB Battle Plan. This year, we went with the traditional alphabetical order by title. Now, predictions can start – which eight will advance to Round 2? The commenter who predicts all eight (or the most) correctly will receive a small book-related prize.  To download a high resolution (11′ x 17′) PDF file of the plan to display in your library, please CLICK THIS LINK.

The 2014 BoB Bracket with the first round titles in a high resolution PDF file can be accessed VIA THIS LINK.



  1. The alphabetical order kills me every time. I still have five books to read (hopefully only four after tonight) so can’t comment on everything. I can say this though: If THE THING ABOUT LUCK is chosen over ROSE UNDER FIRE whoever that judge is will be dead to me. I don’t even care who it is. DEAD. TO. ME. (Okay, if it’s Rae Carson I may find it in my heart to forgive her because she gave to world Hector. But only her.)

  2. My two favorites so far are on opposite sides of the brackets, thank goodness! I still have 8 1/2 books to go — I’m really struggling with one right now. Still, I should get them done by March 11 (even though the Olympics are going to really cut into my reading time).

  3. I’m getting a laugh that the two I am currently reading are, quite unexpectedly, in the same bracket. Would never have thought March would go against Hokey Pokey….

  4. I can’t really comment yet either, because I still have 4.5 left to read. And two that haven’t come in at the library yet. C’mon, The Animal Book and What the Heart Knows. I finish the reading until you get here.

  5. I am really excited about this announcement! I attended my first ALA midwinter a couple weeks ago in Philadelphia and it fed my bookitis–as well as making me aware of so many wonderful happenings in the world of children’s and young adult literature.

    One question I have regarding the books is about “The Animal Book.” Is this the one that Steve Jenkins wrote?

  6. Must read books! But, that Mark Tuchman outdoes himself every.single.time! I don’t know how he keeps doing it! You should sell posters every year! I would totally buy them for my office!


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