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Battle of the Books

Mock Bob 2014: Final Round

You have voted and spoken. The contenders for the final round of the MOCK BOB are:

Eleanor & Park vs Rose Under Fire

Go  here to cast your vote and have a chance to win a prize.

The prize drawing will be on April 1st, when this year’s official Battle of the Kids’ Books comes to a conclusion.


  1. Wow! Two very good contenders! I’m disappointed the Mock BoB doesn’t have an Undead contender, but I suppose that would give away who the real Undead Contender is.

  2. Battle Commander Battle Commander says

    But you are already voting for all the contenders and battles in the Mock Bob! Unlike the real BoB where you only get to vote for the Undead and have to leave the other two to the judges:)

  3. hahahahaha, wow, blink and you miss all the action! Amazed Rose made it this far, not surprised at all about Eleanor & Park, and SO GLAD I’m just watching from the Peanut Gallery because I would not want to have to vote on that one. 😀

  4. ugh! the two best books on the list! so hard to pick! guess i’ll pick eleanor & park purely because i’m a romantic at heart. just ask my husband.

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