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Battle of the Books

This Week’s Peanut Gallery


These Peanut Gallery posts are where we put up whatever we’ve found around the web responding to the latest BOB news. Be sure to let us know in the comments if we’ve missed yours and we will either add it here or put in our next Peanut Gallery post.


On the eve of the Battle, Lisa gave her picks.

Tales from a Loud Librarian’s Mock BoB, Round One, Matches One and Two and Round One, Matches Three and Four. Here’s her eye catching poster:

The Children’s Corner gave us an awesome shout-out!

Reading Adventures of a Librarian picks for Round 1:  Match 1, Match 2, Match 3, Match 4, and the upcoming Match 5.

Bookstore Musings considers the first few matches here.

BooksnStories caught up, had a bit of BoB Gloat, and then noted the First Rule of Bob.

Liz B weighs in on the judgements for Match 1 and Match 2.

Roger is (relatively) happy.

The Card Catalog even more so!

Check out Sondy’s picks for Round One.

Tweeted GDS Library GDS fave #EleanorAndPark wins in Round 1 of #SLJBob. Keep an eye on our bulletin board, as the battles continue! 

And some more fun tweets (including a bunch from Third Round Judge Patrick Ness who almost needs his own section here).  FYI: we’ve cut out links and such to make them easier to read.

  • citymousedc Had a dream about who @yuyimorales chose for #sljbob. Time to see if my subconscious was right!
  • Patrick Ness ‏ And in the fab SLJ Battleofthe KidsBooks, Boxers & Saints has beaten A Corner of White. To death. Tough out there.
  • Sarah Shealy So excited! Battleofthe KidsBooks starts today! Crazy pairing for Round 1! Love Steve Jenkins! 
  • Patrick Ness ‏ Round one, Battle one of SLJ Battleofthe KidsBooks 2014! I judge in the semis. There will be blood.
  • Will Strait ‏Today: book talks 6th graders about SLJ’s BattleoftheKidsBooks, including past and current contestants. 
  • Book_nut So Eleanor & Park by @rainbowrowell won BOTH of today’s book tournament rounds. How often does that happen?? 
  • woodslakesky Such a cool, simple idea. I’m thinking this could become part of a #STEM program at the #library.
  • Reads for Keeps ‏Sigh. Wonder if #NewberyCurse is becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy at #sljbob. Reverse the curse!
  • Patrick Ness ‏Eleanor & Park tells Doll House they’ve got trust issues & it’s time to move on… in SLJ Battleofthe KidsBooks 2014
  • Patrick Ness ‏Far Far Away shivs Flora & Ulysses in the shower Battleofthe KidsBooks goes all Oz. Not the fun one.
  • TaylorLibrarian In our Mock Bob, the students chose Far Far Away, just like judge @SarahMlynowski. I think fairy tale connection did it. 






  1. What a fabulous first week this has been! I cannot wait until next week (although it’s really weird to be looking forward to a Monday).

  2. Looks like you missed mine!

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