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Battle of the Books

This Week’s Peanut Gallery


These Peanut Gallery posts are where we put up whatever we’ve found around the web responding to the latest BOB news. Be sure to let us know in the comments if we’ve missed yours and we will either add it here or put in our next Peanut Gallery post.

The PFTSTA students have spoken! Check out their Round Two results here.  

Our own Shelley Diaz on the latest as we moved into Round Two.

Reading Adventures of a Librarian does her Round Three predictions here.

The Card Catalog weighs in on the latest matches.

Sondy thinks about the Big Kahuna here.

Fairfax County Public Library loves us.

And here are some tweeted responses (with handles and links edited out):

  • P&P Kids and Teens ‏How should we feel?? Excited Far, Far Away won #SLJbob. Sad it beat Eleanor & Park. Fingers crossed for Undead Poll. 
  • Cecilia Cackley ‏Kinda think Rae Carson writes a mashup of the two books she judged–romance and high fantasy. Only missing the politics. 
  • Reads for Keeps ‏ Ambivalent about today’s outcome, but judge Katherine Marsh’s complex carbs analogy = my favorite #sljbob moment yet.
  • citymousedc I’d just like to point out that Katherine Marsh is capable of considerable gut punch writing herself. 
  • emilyreads Can I just say how much I am LOVING @SLJsBoB this year? Opinions! Strongly held! Boldly stated!
  • Patrick Ness ‏ In which I rant (slightly) about what YA can do and the dangers of CBAITS (Crappy Books About Important Things)
  • rwalder CBAIT, new word for the day. Just took some back to library. (They have no titles, of course.)
  • reads4keeps Oh wow. @Patrick_Ness doesn’t hold back in today’s#sljbob match. If @RogerReads were judging the judges, he’d win. 
  • FuseEight @Patrick_Ness To my mind that was just about the best #SLJBOB decision to date. Now wishing Ness had his own review journal.
  • cevans77 What should we demand of YA literature? @Patrick_Ness has lots of ideas in today’s @SLJsBoB
  • HeatherAlexand Do you follow @sljournal‘s Battle of the Books? Today’s roundup by @Patrick_Ness is so honest and smart. <3 @SLJsBoB 


  1. Hahahahahah, reads4keeps, I totally thought of @RogerReads after that match, too! In fact he’s been more silent than usual this year, hasn’t he, which is kind of sad… I guess there’s too much moving-the-Horn-Book-business going on to make snarky meta commentary right now.

    • I bet he’s kicking himself for not doing the meta-analysis this year after reading Patrick Ness’ post. It’s the perfect antidote to the dreaded apples-and-oranges response!

  2. In case the Fairfax County Public Library post sounded familiar: I just re-purposed the “What BoB Means to Me” post I wrote for this blog a couple years ago! I was sure you wouldn’t mind! 🙂

  3. you know, my picky kid only eats 3 fruits, Granny Smith Apples among them. She HATES oranges so much that she will run from the room if you are eating one and if she touches an orange peel she has to go take a shower. Apples & oranges aren’t ANYTHING alike. 😛

    I think the bottom line is almost always personal preference.

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