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Battle of the Books

Undead Voting Update: Four Days Left to Make It Happen!

We at the Command Center have been monitoring the Undead poll closely.  Currently, there is a definite leader with 2 or 3 titles closely behind — but the situation can change with a dozen or so votes going a particular way.  It is not that huge a gap between any of the top choices.

Which titles, you ask?  Nah, we are not revealing THAT piece of information.  Your favorite contender could be one of them, and just a few votes shy of taking the lead.

So, make sure you cast your vote at the Undead Poll before March 9th and rally your friends, students, children, teachers, etc. to help you ensure that the ONE deserving book makes into the Closing Round!



  1. I’m torn on that third round. Had to go with EL DEAFO, but I hope THE ROMANOVS get plenty of votes in case pelimenary rounds go another way.

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