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Battle of the Books

2016 Judge: Michael Buckley

Michael Buckley writes books. He’s not proud of it but he has to make a living somehow. Not everyone gets to be a rock star or play in the NBA or be a prima ballerina. Some folks have to do the heavy lifting this society requires to keep it from falling into chaos. Still, he’s going to night school where he’s learning all about darkness and where the sun goes and if the moon is made of cheese, and all the other stuff they teach in night school. Maybe when he gets his degree he’ll find a more respectable occupation, but putting pressure on him is not helping at all. He’s doing the best he can. Imagine how his wife and son feel hanging their heads in shame in the supermarket and on the playground. He apologizes for being a New York Times bestselling author, and that he is responsible for “The Sisters Grimm,” “NERDS,” and “The Undertow Trilogy” from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Really, it tears him up at night what he’s unleashed on this world. Currently, he’s plotting out a new book but don’t mention it. The guy is tortured enough.





  1. Buckley is one author I need to purchase book in library bound to withstand the excessive and destructive love of my students.

  2. That might be the best author bio I have ever read!

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