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Battle of the Books

2016 Brackets, This Time With Judges

With the judges all announced it is time to let  you know just what they are judging. So here you are. Now, what do you think? How do YOUR brackets look?

Judges_SS_fRound One

M1 Judge: Michael Buckley
The Boys Who Challenged Hitler vs Challenger Deep

M2 Judge: Maris Wicks
Drowned City vs Echo

M3 Judge: Melanie Crowder
Gone Crazy in Alabama vs Goodbye Stranger

M4 Judge: Erin Kelly Entrada
The Hired Girl vs I Crawl Through It

M5 Judge: Tim Federle
The Marvels vs Most Dangerous

R1 M6 Judge: Francis Hardinge
My Seneca Village vs Nest

M7 Judge: Cece Bell
Nimona vs Rhythm Ride

M8 Judge: Pamela S. Turner
Symphony for the City of the Dead vs X: A Novel


Round Two

M1 Judge: Jennifer Donnelly

M2 Judge: Meg Medina

M3 Judge: Carolyn Mackler

M4 Judge: Mariko Tamaki


Round Three

M1 Judge: Kelly Loy Gilbert

M2 Judge: Padma Venkatraman


The Closing Battle

Judge: Ann M. Martin


  1. Eric Carpenter says:

    I’d love to know the thought process behind the judging assignments.
    It can’t be a coincidence that the two graphic novels in the field both get graphic novelists as round one judges or that Tim Federle with a background in theater was matched with The Marvels.
    I’m not saying the deck’s being stacked but these pairings do not seem random.
    How do you three make the assignments?

    Super excited for the battle to begin!!!

  2. Battle Commander Battle Commander says:

    SLJ recruits the judges and does their assignments with input from us. We are excited for the Battle to begin too!

  3. Battle Commander Battle Commander says:

    Also want to highlight the fact that anyone wishing to download the most updated Bracket version and has not submitted a request is welcome to click on The Bracket tab and follow the link to fill out the form. Updated versions of the Bracket will be emailed to those who submitted their requests in the future as well.

  4. I envy neither Melanie Crowder nor Francis Hardinge. They have their work cut out for them!

  5. We are ready at Central High School for the tournament to begin! I just finished my Google Form that I will fire off to all our students and teachers at 11:59 Feb. 29. The students and teachers will have until Sunday night at midnight to register their predictions. I visited 24 English classes last week with books, brackets, and ballyhoo to be sure everyone knows what is coming. This is going to be fun!

    • Battle Commander Battle Commander says:

      Donna, that’s so amazing! Be sure to let us know what the predictions are! Also – encourage everyone to vote in the Updead Poll, starting tomorrow! (2/29/2016)

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