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Battle of the Books

The 2017 Battle of the Kids’ Books Guess-the -Contender Game is On!

… We will be revealing the contenders on Wednesday, January 18th, 2017!  Any guesses as to what they may be?


  1. Joseph Miller says:

    My 16 Guesses:

    Raymie Nightingale
    Wolf Hollow
    The Inquisitor’s Tale
    The Best Man
    As Brave as You
    The Wild Robot
    When the Sea Turned to Silver
    March: Book Three
    Some Writer! The Story of E.B. White
    We Will Not Be Silent
    Samurai Rising: The Epic Life of Minamoto Yoshitsume
    Bone Gap
    The Lie Tree
    Burn, Baby, Burn

  2. Eric Carpenter says:

    First the shoo-ins. If this was the NCAA tournament these would be the one seeds. [have I mentioned how much I’d like to see the books seeded instead of alphabetical]
    1. Ghost
    2. Samurai Rising
    3. Some Writer!
    4. Passion of Dolssa

    I feel confident about these five as well (assuming the committee doesn’t mind Reynold’s getting two books into this year’s battle).
    5. March Book 3
    6. As Brave as You
    7. The Lie Tree
    8. Wolf Hollow
    9. The Inquisitor’s Tale

    I can see all five of these much loved middle grade books making the cut. I can also see similar books such as Mighty Robot, Hour of the Bees, Maybe a Fox, or Ms. Bixby’s Last Day replacing any of these (except for Full of Beans, that one needs to stay on the list).
    10. Full of Beans
    11. When the Sea Turned to Silver
    12. Pax
    13. Makoons
    14. Raymie Nightingale

    Just made the cut: I think it’s time for a picturebook to make the battle and what better than Weatherford and Christie’s brilliant collaboration. We need more than one graphic novel and we know it isn’t going to be Ghosts. Phelan’s Snow White is a masterpiece the begs to be held up next to the best 2016 had to offer.
    15. Freedom in Congo Square
    16. Snow White

    Bubble books (just missed the field of 16):
    The Sun is Also a Star (can’t have every NBA finalist book in the battle)
    When Green Becomes Tomatoes (Congo Square ever so slightly edged out this stunning poetry collection)
    Bubonic Plague (so sad that Jarrow’s disease trilogy has been completed. Can’t wait to see what she does next)

    I can dream can’t I:
    Mighty Jack (this book is incredible and like the Zita books will not get the award recognition it deserves)
    The Borden Murders (I might be the only person who thinks this book is all sorts of award worthy, but I don’t care. I love this book so much)
    Nathan Hale’s Hazardous Tales: Alamo (I still think Donner Dinner Party could have won the whole thing last year)

    • Eric Carpenter says:

      I somehow left off Freedom Over Me and Radiant Child both are most likely in so that reduces the Middle Grade section by two.

    • Joseph Miller says:

      Although I left Snow White, Nathan Hale, and Ghost of my list these certainly deserve a shot at the battle.

  3. Battle Commander Battle Commander says:

    Good guesses so far. (Hint, we do have picture books contenders this year.)

    • Joseph Miller says:

      Oh, cool. Hmmm… if I was to guess about picture books… I’d say these deserve a battle:

      School’s First Day of School
      Thunder Boy Jr.
      Jazz Day
      Freedom Over Me
      Radiant Child

      But that makes for some tough cuts in my other guesses. Oh well, I’ll just have to wait for the results to see what makes it from my original list.

  4. Tammy Cummings says:

    Vietnam: A History of the War
    Bubonic Panic
    THe Borden Murders
    Some Writer: The Story of E.B. White
    The Inquisitor’s Tale
    Freedom Over Me
    The Passion of Dolssa
    The Lie Tree
    We are Ants
    Still Life with Tornado
    Asking for It
    The Great American Whatever
    Character Driven: A Novel
    Samurai Rising

  5. Barb Jaindl says:

    What about Troy Andrews’ autobiographical picturebook Trombome Shorty? Where Y’at? Love the illustrations, too!

  6. Barb Jaindl says:

    Kwame Alexander’s Booked!

  7. Battle Commander Battle Commander says:

    Not long to wait now — we will reveal the list this coming Wednesday!

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