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Battle of the Books

2017 Judge: Jane Yolen

Jane Yolen is often called the Hans Christian Andersen of America (though she will only admit to being the Hans Jewish Andersen of the States) has written over 360 books. She loves, loves, loves to read, though sometimes writing gets in the way. However, she has read every single Jane Yolen book, which also takes time. While she considers herself a short form writer (poetry, picture books, short stories), she has over 60 novels out there so has begrudgingly admitted only lately that she’s also a novelist. Though she’s won many awards for her writing, she does have a warning for those who want to win things at all costs. One of her awards–the Skylark Award from the New England Science Fiction Association–set her good coat on fire.

Jane Yolen author photo_ Photo Credit Jason StemplePhoto credit: Jason Stemple


  1. Beverly Byers says

    Jane Yolen is AWESOME. My whole family loves her. You go, Jane!

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