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Battle of the Books

The Undead Poll is Now Open!

Worried about your favorite contender’s chances in the Battle? Here’s what you can do to help. Vote for YOUR FAVORITE to come back from the dead here!

The previously-eliminated contender that receives the most votes will be dug out of the grave to join the two other finalists for the closing round judged by the Closer, Kwame Alexander.

So go here to vote and by all means campaign for your favorite right here and on social media. After all, a certain scientist had a lot of success doing just that in 2010.

The poll will be open until March 12th and we will announce the winner on the even of the Closing Battle, March 30th. So think carefully. Who do YOU want in the final round?




  1. Battle Commander Battle Commander says

    Many passionate readers have voted — but we know more of you are out there! Currently there is one vote splitting the first and second place contenders. We love to see that every book received some love for supporters! Keep the votes coming!

  2. Battle Commanders, we are having THE BEST Battle of the Books at Central High School this year! 147 students, grades 9-12, have read 347 books so far! We are a school of 453 students total. It has HELPED that this year we have those picture books. You might remember that I started with fears about those picture books pulling down our participation. Several students have started with them, had success, and just kept on reading. We expanded the reading and the participation by making a new wrinkle in the tournament: we added the Champions and Finalists from past years as an option to read to qualify. When a student reads one of them, he or she decides which current book the Champion/Finalist is substituting for–kind of like a designated hitter. That gives us more books to circulate. 66 Champions/Finalists have been read. This Wednesday, everyone who has read at least one book in the contest will come to our Undead party and vote with his Chromebook for the book to “rise from the dead.” That is our “contest inside the tournament.” It is going to be educational, of national importance, and fun! Thank YOU for the infrastructure of this tournament!

    • Battle Commander Battle Commander says

      Donna, this is wonderful to hear. Love also to learn about your wrinkle. Something for us to think about as we consider next year’s tenth anniversary Battle. Thanks so much!

  3. Battle Commander Battle Commander says

    Donna — do you have students who would like to submit short statements regarding their choices? We can include a few in our Fantasy BoB Kid Judges comment — and give them a shout out. (First name, last initial?)

    • Commander, I have 84 one-sentence statements from students who submitted UnDead votes today. They are in a spreadsheet with first name/last initial, the name of the book they voted for, and a “why” statement. Do you want me to copy it into one of these blog spaces or send in a separate email?

  4. Battle Commander Battle Commander says

    Also just to report — one title has PULLED AHEAD… sorry, can’t tell you which one. Muhhahahaha

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