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Battle of the Books

2013: Eve of the Battle

It is the Eve of the Battle. All around the nation (or the globe, we do have some followers from Down Under and Up North,) fans await. One of our inaugural judges, Editor in Chief at the Horn Book Magazine, Roger Sutton is ready to sharpen his virtual pencils and critically examine the tone, the […]

Eve of the Battle Peanut Gallery

Brandy’s got some thoughts,wishes, and guesses. Battle of the Books begins on Tuesday!!!! My anticipation level at this point is pretty high. I get ridiculously excited about this every year. Usually I have one book that I love and want to see win, and one that I want to see go down quick. That is […]

Final Chances: Vote for the Undead!

The Undead Poll will close this Sunday, March 10th. One title remains strong at 28% of all votes.  The close second has 16% and the 3rd has 12%.     ENTER THE VOTING VAULT HERE:

2013 Contenders Speak: Day 4

TEMPLE GRANDIN Hi! My name is Temple Grandin.  I should win the Battle of the Kids’ Books because I am the story of a person who fights autism and loves animals. I work to give animals a calm and painless death. You might say I’m like the Greek Goddess Artemis of America. —  mc, 6th […]

2013 Contenders Speak: Day 3

THE ONE AND ONLY IVAN Hello everybody and welcome to the Battle of the Kids’ Books. I am a gorilla and an artist.  I give things a lot of thought and I am very determined. I keep my promises and I do not waste words. Also, I am a kid’s book (unlike my first round […]

2013 Contenders Speak: Day 2

JEPP, WHO DEFIED THE STARS Just because my main character is shorter in height doesn’t mean he’s short in bravery, courage, and kindness; or that he’s less intelligent, or less creative, or less of a human, even when people kidnap him and put him in cages.  He always knows what is right.  His name is […]

2013 Contenders Speak – Day 1

BOMB Pick me up and look at my cover. Read a bit of me. What am I? An historical fiction? An adventure? A mystery? All wrong! I am something that none of the other books are: a history. That’s right, I belong up there on the shelf among all the other great history textbooks. I […]

Post-Bracket and Judge Reveal Peanut Gallery

So glad to see that folks are busy reading our contenders. As of February 9th Holly Mueller had read about half of the contenders. Bet she’s farther along now!  Leila over at Bookshelves of Doom‘s read four as of a few days ago. Then there is Book Nut whose book pile here has her fretting: My TBR pile was […]

Who Do YOU Want in the Finale? The Undead Poll is Open!

Worried that your favorite won’t make it to the finals?  Here’s your chance to make it happen.  Starting today you can vote in our Undead Poll for the contender you most want in the final round. The previously-eliminated contender that receives the most votes will be pulled out of the grave and brought out to join […]

Brackets (Now with Judges) Revealed! (And a Few Other Announcements)

So there you are, our 2013 judges. Awesome, right?  And below are the updated brackets with just what they are judging revealed. What do you think? Let us know in the comments! Tomorrow the Undead Poll opens so start preparing to lobby, tweet, and otherwise get the vote out for your favorites! Then we’ve got a […]