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Battle of the Books

Mock Battles Round Up

Since last week’s call for Mock Battle Stories, we’ve received the following fantastic entries. Thank you so much to all who shared the excitement that is Battle of the Kids’ Books with your communities and with us back in the Command Center.

Round 1, Match 8: Symphony for the City of the Dead vs X: A Novel

Two expertly penned works based on significant historical figures in the mid-20th century face each other in this last match of the first round of the 2016 Battle of the Kids’ Books. Judge Pamela S. Turner gives insightful comments and clear reasons why she picked one over the other to advance to the next round.

Round 1, Match 7: Nimona vs Rhythm Ride

A graphic novel SciFi/Fantasy about a girl monster and shapeshifter faces off with a creatively composed nonfiction chronicling Motown’s history and its significance in American history.

Round 1, Match 6: My Seneca Village vs Nest

Read Judge Frances Hardinge’s detailed and thoughtful descriptions and analyses of both My Seneca Village and The Nest. Find out which title moves on to face The Marvels in the next round!

Round 1, Match 5: The Marvels vs Most Dangerous

Find out which of these two amazing books received 270,199 bonus points from this match’s judge Tim Federle!

This Week’s Peanut Gallery

These Peanut Gallery posts are where we put up whatever we’ve found responding to the latest BOB events. Let us know if we’ve missed yours in the comments and we’ll add it in.

Mock Battles!

If you work at a public library, a school library, or in the classroom, and have been hosting some form of Mock Battle of the Kids’ Books in your institution, or some other setting (home schooling, clubs, etc) we’d love to hear from you!  If you and your friends have been discussing or trying to figure out […]

Round 1, Match 4: The Hired Girl vs I Crawl Through It

Judge Erin Kelly Entrada says she won’t go into the whole “OMG-these-books-couldn’t-be-more-different-and-it’s-like-apples-and-oranges spiel” and that at least both of these titles are YA novels. But, we agree that they are indeed incredibly different and a tough pair to compare and choose from! What will the outcome be?

Round 1, Match 3: Gone Crazy in Alabama vs Goodbye Stranger

Judge Melanie Crowder must choose a winner between two beloved middle grade novels: both featuring well realized characters but very distinct and different in their tones. Which will she favor: the boisterous or the quiet?

Round 1, Match 2: Drowned City vs Echo

Judge Maris Wicks confessed that she has not done a “book report” in decades but “when you don’t have school or homework or assignments for so long, they seem… sort of appealing.”