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Our Journey Continues

Welcome to the SLJ Virtual Summit blog! We are thrilled to have this online portal to serve as a platform to continue the very compelling discussions and debates that took place at the transformative SLJ Summit in March. It was a dynamic and draining two days, but absolutely worthwhile.

Many of you read Evan’s opening email on "taking an inventory" of all the exceptional and promising ideas that were the by-products of the wide-ranging discussions that took place there. Please share with us those ideas that you think are of the highest priority and from which we can build on the proposed courses of action/strategies developed at the Summit.

I also wanted this first blog post to be an awesome reminder of what made the Summit so compelling (certainly a professional experience I will never forget). Anyway, I went back to my notes to reflect on all of the jewels of information strewn throughout the various conference rooms of the Westin Hotel in midtown New York. Here are just a few nuggets from my notes. Feel free to send more.

"Education = building bridges and taking people across them."

"Give wings to people’s dreams."

Tell your children: "do you know who you are? Look at you. You have the potential for everything."

"Are you carving stones or building cathedrals?"

"Books are being praised for not being what they want it to be. Our opportunity is to see how broken it is. The perception of breakage."

"If students can’t make meaning they cannot be consumers. We have to look at the issue of  comprehension and how we support it. Librarians can play an important role. Go beyond the role and become the information technologists in the school."

"We have cradled young people in a technology rich environment. We have to train kids in this new environment. Once a kid gets access to this new environment the old method must be reassessed.

"Our students are the millenniums. We are immigrants. Kids are native to that kind of world."

"How do we create classrooms and school libraries that students want to go to?"

"It’s an exciting time to be a librarian!"

"What do we do as knowledge navigators? We need policies in place to link to each other to create the deep learner."

My hope is that these quotes will "re-spark" the Summit flames that were ignited the weekend of March 18th and 19th, 2005. And please know that your input, feedback and comments are welcomed as we continue this journey of building the "bridges of connectedness" for the 21st century learner.



  1. Amy Bowllan says

    Thank you for your kind words and yes, we as a community will continue moving in a common direction.


  2. Amy Bowllan says

    Hi Dianne!

    I hope everything is well at your school and I am thrilled to have this opportunity. There’s so much left to be done….right? Please keep coming back to the blog for some of the very issues we discussed during our enlightening lunch 🙂


  3. Amy Bowllan says

    Hi Scott,

    Please feel free to comment here and let us know how you see us “getting the message out.” Oftentimes, we say the same things but it doesn’t always translate into the big picture scheme. Hopefully, with your insight and interest, we can work together to have “LMS as central to the teaching mission of the school.”
    stay tuned,

  4. Diane Chen says

    I’m so excited that this blog is up and running. Next week the Tennessee delegation is meeting to plan a state-wide summit to occur in June 2006. I’d appreciate everyone’s comments on how you are taking the SLJ format to the state and local level. Email me personally at and be sure to post your ideas here.

  5. Camille Bodden says

    I am a college professor and I’m so impressed with your blogging virtual summit and hope to follow in your footsteps Good Luck & Congratulations Amy!

  6. Amy Bowllan says

    Hi Diane Chen,

    I’d like to post about this delegation you are supporting. Are there any links and/or resources that you could point us in the right direction to support you? Also, I will get back to you re: SLJ at the state and local levels. It would be interesting to see the results. Please know that we at SLJ virtual summit want to continue to hear your feedback. Let us know some specifics as to what you need.

  7. Kimberly Brosan says

    I’m glad to see the blog, but could your techies please do something about the way it’s viewed? On my MAC the text runs in one long wide line per paragraph making it nearly impossible to read!

    I’m also glad there’s an RSS feed so that we know when it’s updated! Can’t wait to see how things develop.