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21st Century Storytelling: The Thumb Story

Right when I was piecing together the reasons why I feel like a thumb, POP! goes the comment from Robin Adelson who GETS ME!!! SHE REALLY GETS ME!!!

Here’s her explanation as to why, as an educator, I’ve always felt like the thumb, since I don’t always think (or agree with) how things are done in schools.

“Amy Bowllan – it would be tough to get a solid grip on anything without a thumb! Your experience as a journalist (by which I means both your skills and all that you have seen, heard and learned over the years) combined with your passion for education and literacy make yours a voice we all benefit from hearing. Thank you for taking the time and initiative to speak up and get others thinking and communicating. I am also grateful for the shout out for Robin’s Roundup and, indeed, for your support of the CBC and our initiatives.”

Somebody in the Youtube world must have the same story. Check out this video and then put your thumbs UP for us thumbs! 🙂 Happy Halloween, too!


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