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Writers Against Racism: Diversify Your Bulletin Boards by Joseph O. Iannacone

If you are a teacher, you know about those new year resolutions.  This year… I will LIVEN up my bulletin boards! I will be original! I WILL! I WILL! I WILL! Yeah. Yeah. And we never do.  SO, whenever I see a winning bulletin board, I do my best to squeeze them into Bowllan’s Blog. 

Creating a bulletin board is truly a needle in my shoe and I bet there are other teachers in agreements. 

Not this teacher. He’s pretty unique  and shares his bulletin board science.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Get students involved!

Images are our primordial language. 

Great art and ideas brighten any space.  Any bulletin board is a wonderful opportunity to provide students with inspiration or just beautify your classroom or hallway.  Why not spend some time making the space that we teach and learn in as exemplary as our work or lessons?  Cover the bulletin boards with self-made designs and pictures.  (Nix the store-bought stuff.  I believe students need to be inspired by original and home-grown design and creativity.)  I have made bulletin boards with fun designs about unit themes, our yearly school credo, or just whimsical notions like geese or items on a shelf. 


 Sketch some images you like.  Look in children’s coloring books or line drawings online.  Then start cutting colored paper or draw some fun images with a jumbo black paint marker.  Allow students to color and watch the bulletin board blossom.  The images and colors will amaze you and enliven your classroom or school.

If you have questions, email Joseph Iannacone -->