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Writers Against Racism: Character Animator and Activist, James Parris Visits Bowllan’s Blog

“James Parris was born to A Doctor/Nurse couple in New York City. He attended the prestigious High School of Art & Design, where he studied drawing and painting. He continued his Illustration studies at Pratt Institute, before diving into the world of Character Animation.

At the Walt Disney Feature Animation Studio, James contributed to the box-office triumphs of films like ‘The Lion King’, ‘Mulan’ and ‘Tarzan’. At Sony Pictures Imageworks, he helped make the first ‘Spider-Man’ movie a record-breaking success. James has helped breathe life into teleporting mutants, dancing lizards, transforming alien robots, swashbuckling raccoons and murderous snakes – as well as being a member of Digital Domain’s Oscar-winning ‘Curious Case of Benjamin Button’ visual effects team.

Having recently formed Paper Tiger Films, James is producing and directing ‘Pink and Blue’ in concert with 6360 Productions in Los Angeles.


Back in February I shared with you one of my ‘homeboys’, James Parris, who’s doing big things in the animation world. He’s also doing amazing work in activism and supporting gender equality through his PINK AND BLUE campaign.”

(Bio Comes via Pink and Blue Website Bio)

There’s more from my interview with James (and personal stories), coming soon.


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