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Writers Against Racism: TWICE AS GOOD by Rich Michelson

Writers Against Racism: Where have all the blogrolls gone? Long time…

…u p d a t e d. Are your blogrolls updated? Well, since it’s spring and beautiful outside, let get some fresh and bold issues of diversity from the ‘sphere’, with particular attention on: YA Lit., publishing, issues in the news, controversial news, librarians on the move, book reviews and more! Here’s what I have this […]

Writers Against Racism: TWICE AS GOOD by Richard Michelson and Illustrated by Eric Velasquez

It was a pleasure to interview author and poet, Richard Michelson, whose latest and beautifully illustrated book, TWICE AS GOOD [Sleeping Bear Press, 2012], tells the amazing story of yet another courageous African American man. Please watch the following footage of the story and stay tuned for my interview with Richard.

Writers Against Racism: SHIP OF SOULS by Zetta Elliott

Author Zetta Elliott has a new book out, SHIP OF SOULS, and in it she answers the question she asks herself when starting a new novel: “Whose voices do we not hear?”

Writers Against Racism: Chris Lehmann Discusses the N-Word

Really. He’s on point, too. By the way, Chris is the founding Principal of the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia, PA. Take a look.

Writers Against Racism: Zetta Elliott Discusses Images of Blacks in America

Zetta Elliott continues…

Writers Against Racism: Author Zetta Elliott Discusses Trayvon Martin (part1)

Zetta is a definite pioneer when it comes to lecturing and writing about diverse issues and how these issues impact the literary community. That said, here’s part one of our discussion about the Trayvon Martin tragedy.

Writers Against Racism: Matt de la Pena (Final Segment)

Matt de la Pena’s conclusion…

Writers Against Racism: Matt de la Pena and Tucson Schools (Part 2)

Here’s part two of my conversation with author Matt de la Pena regarding the Mexican American Studies Program being dropped from Tucson, Arizona schools. ]

Writers Against Racism: Tucson Students Stage Walkouts

The outrage over the suspended Mexican American Studies in Tucson, Arizona is getting students to take on the role of activists.