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Writers Against Racism: SHIP OF SOULS by Zetta Elliott

Author Zetta Elliott has a new book out, SHIP OF SOULS, and in it she answers the question she asks herself when starting a new novel: “Whose voices do we not hear?”

Writers Against Racism: Zetta Elliott Discusses Images of Blacks in America

Zetta Elliott continues…

Writers Against Racism: Author Zetta Elliott Discusses Trayvon Martin (part1)

Zetta is a definite pioneer when it comes to lecturing and writing about diverse issues and how these issues impact the literary community. That said, here’s part one of our discussion about the Trayvon Martin tragedy.

Writers Against Racism: This Week on Bowllan’s Blog (trailer)

Michele Howe Clarke talks to me about the fine art of “Facing Forward” after living through an unusual bout of cancer that left her disfigured, but not discouraged. W.A.R., author, Matt de la Pena talks about his recent trip to Tucson, AZ, and what it feels like having your well-received novel pulled from the bookshelves. […]

21st Century Storytelling: W.A.R. Persons of the Year (Congratulations!)

Without further ado… The 2010 W.A.R. Persons of the Year Award: The posthumous award goes to the late Virginia Hamilton who said, “I hope teachers realize their power and the importance of kindness and fairness as well as firmness. How one mixes the magic potion of the creative process, heritage, ethnicity, place and time, and […]

Everybody Has A Story To Tell: Part 1

As most of you already know …last week I hosted a symposium at my school: A Conversation About Books, and  for some reason – the more I reflect on it – the more I think about how much it reminded me of a blog.  Meaning…it had EVERYTHING!   Here are some snippets from Zetta’s speech. There were questions to ponder; a speaker who […]

Writers Against Racism: Zetta Elliott’s A WISH AFTER MIDNIGHT

Shadra Strickland in her “reading chair” with Zetta Elliott’s A WISH AFTER MIDNIGHT AmazonEncore (February 16, 2010).

Writers Against Racism: A WISH AFTER MIDNIGHT by Zetta Elliott

Like Anne Frank, Genna Colon, in Zetta Elliott’s A WISH AFTER MIDNIGHT (Rosetta Pres, 2008),  has left an indelible mark on me.  It’s speculative fiction at its best. It’s also a story that will take any teenager (and adult) on the ride of her life! Just watch the trailer. Genna has dreams. She’s smart. And Zetta has masterfully woven an […]

Writers Against Racism: Cheryl Willis Hudson’s Blog

I just added Cheryl Willis Hudson’s blog to my blogroll and can’t believe I didn’t have her here sooner. Cheryl is editorial director of Just Us Books, Inc., an independent publishing company that focuses on Black interest books for children and young adults. Anyway, she has a fantastic post today which I saw via Zetta Elliott’s […]