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Visual Literacy and Media Literacy QuickLink: Brutally Honest Oscar Posters

You may have missed this gallery of reimagined posters for the Best Picture Oscar nominees when College Humor debuted it last month–but even if you didn’t, it’s clever enough to revisit, especially now, on the eve of the ceremony itself.

Of course I’m also going to suggest that you share these images with young movie fans and have them explain the satirical content, both to each other and to you, as needed. Such an approach might reveal and enhance knowledge and critical thinking related to: feature film marketing; the way posters are designed in terms of visuals and “messaging”; the Oscars themselves and their place in movie culture and pop culture generally.

Anyway, here’s one of my favorites, especially since I’ve written about Life of Pi not once, but twice for this blog.

…oh, and happy Oscars weekend.

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