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Book Giveaway: ‘Doctor Who FAQ’

By no means a quick cash-in on the surge in popularity of the BBC series, Dave Thompson’s impressive new book on Doctor Who is clearly the work of both a scholar-historian and a long-time fan. It’s that mix of approaches, in fact, that makes it arguably the perfect companion (pun intended) for any devotee of the show, whether veteran or newbie, teen, tween, or adult.

Like a lot of Yanks of my generation, I was vaguely aware of the Doctor and tried watching episodes on public television as a kid. I did find it interesting, and I liked the main character, but that was about it; mostly it was just a curiosity, a cultural taste that didn’t seem to travel so well, kind of like Marmite. Things changed when the series revived in the past decade, so much so that, like a lot of us, I’ve been playing catch-up ever since. Well, Doctor Who FAQ, authoritative, clearly organized, and well-written, has helped tremendously in this respect. This doesn’t mean that Thompson has compiled a dry reference tome, and in fact his informed opinions throughout make even the purely informational aspects a pleasure to read. I can’t even hold it against him that he describes The Lodger, a beloved episode of mine partly because it was the basis for one of those photonovels I wrote, as a “nadir” of the Eleventh Doctor’s run, a stint he is none too fond of to begin with.

And if all of this sounds like a foreign language to you because you’re not a fan (yet), here’s the book trailer to provide a bit of background:

All right, now for the business at hand:  thanks to the generosity of Applause Books, we have three copies of Doctor Who FAQ to give away. Following are the rules…

1. Double-check that you live in the U.S. or Canada.

2. Leave a thoughtful comment here (through 11:59 pm ET March 15) or on any CTP post tagged with “Doctor Who.” You can find a list of them here:

3. If you don’t see your comment after several hours, just contact me via email or Twitter (see below).

4. I’ll email the three winners, who’ll then be asked to provide (via me) their mailing addresses to the publisher. If I don’t hear back from you within 48 hours of notification, I’ll simply draw another name.

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  1. Love it! I’m a brand new “Whovian” (and I’ve started writing about it on my blog). There’s so much goodness here, as a science fiction fan who feels strongly that the genre has so much to offer. I also am enjoying the horror side of it. I got to episode 6 of the 2005 run and decided to back to episode 1 so I could enjoy Nine as long as possible.

  2. Barbara Wright says:

    Waiting for the new season, to get to know the Doctor’s new companion. I’m going to miss Rory and Amelia Pond. By the way, I have the same name, Barbara Wright, as one of the Doctor’s first companions, but I only know the Doctor through television!

  3. Shawn Weisser says:

    We love the good doctor and have been watching (when available) since the seventies! Our daughter is even a fan now! What a great idea, Dr. Who historian! Well done!

  4. Being a relatively new Whovian, I’m still in the new love phase of my relationship with The Doctor. It’s been a fabulous and meaningful way to connect with teen patrons at the Library who are also Whovians. A group of superfans, The Companions, will also be assisting me in planning our Library’s event for Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary. I think Doctor Who FAQ would be a valuable asset in that endeavor and great fun to read in any case.

  5. I studied abroad in the UK in my final year of college; when I got home, in a funk and dreading the normalcy that comes with ending a great adventure, I spent several weeks EXCLUSIVELY watching the BBC and pretending I wasn’t on American soil. The meat and potatoes of this BBC-only diet? Reruns of the recently rebooted Doctor Who with Christopher Eccleston. Now, 7 years later, my husband and I JUST (as in last week) started consuming this series at a rabid pace (thank you, Netflix)–we are loving the mix of sci-fi, humor, horror, and history. It’s like the best mix of Quantum Leap, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and a little Star Trek thrown in for good measure (uh oh, my inner geek is really showing!) I would LOVE to add this title to my bookshelf to guide us as we navigate through the series. Fantastic!

  6. Linda Jeffers says:

    All four of us in the family are recently inducted Whovians. We have been helping each other play catch-up. After we win a copy of the book, we may have to schedule a very long car ride to read the book aloud with each other! This is so exciting!

  7. Jessica Simpson says:

    I must say, I was discouraged to stumble onto this giveaway two weeks late and only see six comments! I was introduced to the good Doctor a few years ago by a life-long Whovian. The first few years, I felt that I had to “hide my nerd.” Imagine my surprise this year when I started noticing signs that the Doctor has become well known by my 6th grade students. Drawings on paper corners, theme song humming, off-hand references and even an origami Tardis! It’s been wonderful to be able to “come out of the closet” myself. Rather than my Tweens seeing me as an old lady…I am the cool teacher! Thank you Doctor!