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Oh, All That Annoying Movie Marketing: A Chat with Critic Eric D. Snider

“Young people are pretty savvy about marketing…They don’t consider something ‘bad’ or ‘annoying’ just because it’s marketing, the way many of us in the previous generation did.”

Some Major No-No’s for Student Critics… and All Critics, Really

“Certainly, some adult humans will be shocked to learn that they cannot simply pick up a comic book and hurl it at the nearest child.” -Dylan Meconis

Critical Thinking’s Image Problem… and How to Fix It

There’s a big reason why many kids will resist your “critical thinking” efforts: no one really likes critics.

Guest Post by Robin Brenner… This Summer’s Female Heroes: Fighting More Than One Battle (2)

The mainstream comics industry has been roundly (and justifiably) criticized for its problematic representation of women as well as its reluctance to acknowledge women as a fanbase with valid opinions.

Media Read: My “Hunger Games” Scrapbook of Oddities and Resources

“Keep Calm and Shoot Straight”: cupcakes, Barbie dolls, lists of alternative texts, movie reviews, nonfiction comics and other media artifacts inspired by the film adaptation of The Hunger Games.