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“Chimpanzee” and the Problem of Anthropomorphism

What’s not to like about “Chimpanzee”…? Well, that’s actually the problem right there…

Rethinking Puppetry… Yes, Puppetry

A puppet’s minimal expressiveness relative to other media require that we read its performance, making inferences as needed.

“Monsieur Lazhar” Gets Teaching Right—Or Does It?

Think about it: teachers are usually represented as domineering, if not cruel, or as boringly pompous pendants, or both. Alternately, of course, they are shown as dazzlingly inspirational, as courageous mavericks.

Watch These Movies About Fandom Instead of “Comic-Con Episode IV”

Pauline Kael, William Shatner, Mark Hamill, and “Troll 2″… all can help shed light on the teaching, learning, and “literacies” that occur around and within fandom.

Review: New Doc on Comic-Con Misses Galaxy-Sized Opportunity

It’s too bad, really: the film’s refusal to put a critical lens on anything ultimately gives it an empty, almost self-congratulatory perspective.