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Now in Theaters: An Absolutely Must-See Doc About Digital Literacy

Filmmaker Cullen Hoback’s work represents a treasure trove of ideas for those who want to connect domestic spying and the death of privacy to civics, media studies, ICT, and political theory—not to mention information literacy and digital literacy specifically.

Giveaway: Blu-ray and DVD Combo Pack of BULLY

Young people need to understand the way that media texts position them—even with, or perhaps especially with, those texts whose content they are sympathetic to…

For Your Consideration: ‘Life of Pi,’ the Oscars, and How to Persuade the Media

Why is the case so strenuously made for a potential Best Picture win for ‘Life of Pi’?

Recommended Comics for Schools: Pippi Moves In, An Inspector Calls, District Comics, A Chinese Life

…can I help it if so many great graphic titles have been published this year?

“The Avengers and Marketing-Overwhelm Syndrome” …or “How I Decided to Dump My In-Box All Over This Blog”

In which I share the subject lines of every publicity email I’ve received from Disney… all in the service of media literacy education, of course.

A Few Words with NPR’s Brooke Gladstone on “The Influencing Machine”

“In the aggregate, we get the media we deserve, the good, the bad, the ugly. And no one likes to feel responsible for it.”