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Guest Post by Miguel Rodriguez… How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Monster: Overcoming the Stigma of the Horror Genre

It is important to remember that the stories I’ve mentioned were never really called “horror stories” because horror as a genre is essentially a ploy to make certain properties more marketable to a segment of the population.

Mighty, Mighty Mythology: Everyday—and Olympian Level— Branding

The subject of branding is one way an educator can connect media literacy, the humanities (classical mythology), a fannish interest in sports, and the current events story that is the Olympics.

Mighty, Mighty Mythology: The George O’Connor Interview

“Hollywood is going to change any story as they see fit, to make what they think is a better movie, so mythological inaccuracy doesn’t tend to bother me. As long as they capture the feeling, the essence of a story, I’m cool with changes…”

Mighty, Mighty Mythology: The Living Evolution of Stories

Tarsem Singh, the director of “Immortals,” claims that his approach is very similar to Caravaggio and his Renaissance peers, who “put in what was hip to their time.”