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After Earth Day, Who “Speaks” for Nature?

Aren’t most of our public policy debates about the environment informed by factoids/partial data/dramatic images supplied by media coverage rather than the relevant research?

‘Girl Model’ Re-connects Media Literacy to its Beating Heart

There’s a danger when you spend a long, long time in the media literacy game…

Visual Literacy and the Red Carpet: Celebrity ‘Make Unders’

Rarely do we have the opportunity to deconstruct images so rigorously that they actually invert themselves in the process… making the celebrities in question less attractive than they really are.

Blu-ray Giveaway: Exemplar Message Movie ‘Won’t Back Down’

All movies are message movies because, as media texts, they all have media messages.

As We Honor Veterans, a Film to Look Out For and Questions to Ask

Oral history, digital storytelling, critical evaluation of documentaries, fiction vs. non-fiction, and debunking stereotypes… Veterans Day offers all this and more.

Moonrise Kingdom’s Lesson: Tweens are the New Teens… and the New Adults

Stories about tweens simply aren’t like those about teens or adults or “children”…

Giveaway: Moonrise Kingdom Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack

Debuting on home video today happens to be a film that’s in the running for my personal favorite among American releases of 2012. Moonrise Kingdom is just that kind of special. If, however, you didn’t get a chance to catch it in theaters, but are a fan of director Wes Anderson’s other work, including his […]