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2012 Gift Guide for Pop Culture Geeks and Media Mavens

The Dark Knight screenplays, a Doctor Who board game, The Princess Bride, and a lot more…

Guest Post by Christopher Shamburg… When the Lit Hits the Fan in Teacher Education

Teachers don’t have to teach Harry Potter, Captain America, or World of Warcraft, but they can allow students to build their writing on these stories.

Guest Post by Robin Brenner… This Summer’s Female Heroes: Fighting More Than One Battle (1)

It’s a tough time to be a superheroine fan…

Superhero Fatigue… or, Does the Genre Even Benefit the Medium Where it Started?

Superheroes: Bigger Than Ever or Industry Obstacle—or Both?

“The Amazing Spider-Man” and the Sin of Rebooting: A Quasi-Movie Review, and Some Talking Points

The new film is not only worth catching, but worth discussing with young moviegoers in a way that touches on the transliterate skills requisite for evaluating this “origin story” across different media and individual texts…