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‘World War Z’ At the Movies: Some Critical Thinking Questions

Media literacy discussion points covering novel-to-film adaptations, marketing, genre, screen violence, and more.

‘Superman: Unbound’ and Why There’s No Such Thing as the ‘Superhero Genre’

Superman, with a 75-year canon to draw upon, should be included in any curriculum that covers science fiction.

Superhero Fatigue… or, Does the Genre Even Benefit the Medium Where it Started?

Superheroes: Bigger Than Ever or Industry Obstacle—or Both?

Guest Post by Caitlin Plovnick: The Universe Behind The Universe

When we provide graphic novels and comics, we should also be prepared to introduce curious readers to information about their history, how they are produced and who produces them.

Available Today: 2012’s Most Relevant Superhero Flick?

Do we require only good deeds from our heroes… or good hearts as well?

Talking Superman with Biographer Par Excellence Larry Tye

“…Superman lets us see what it is that makes a character work in media as disparate as comic books and radio, or as seemingly unconnected as the popular medium of afternoon children’s TV and the decidedly singular one of graphic novels.”