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NPR blogger Glen Weldon casts a critical eye on DC’s much-hyped Justice League #1. His verdict: not bad, though he’s a little concerned about DC’s pledge to reimagine its iconic superheroes in a “younger, angrier, more brash and more modern” light.

The title of this Tumblr blog pretty much sums it all up: Superheroes Are For Girls, Too. The new site is updated regularly with readers’ photos of their daughters, nieces, and childhood selves pretending to be Wonder Woman and Batman.

Elizabeth Bird profiles comics artists-cum-children’s book authors, among them Gary Larson (The Far Side), Lynn Johnston (For Better or Worse), and Berkeley Breathed (Bloom County).

KC Carlson asks the question, “What makes a good first issue of a comic?”

John Shumacher posts book trailers for the eight most requested books in his school library; interestingly, almost all of them are graphic novels or graphic novel hybrids.

Found via Tom Spurgeon’s website: vintage footage of Peanuts creator Charles Schulz drawing Charlie Brown.

ICv2 is reporting that VIZ will be moving to day-and-date distribution for the digital edition of Naruto. Look for volume 52 to arrive in stores, electronic and physical, on Tuesday, September 6th.

Bay Area comic fans, take note: Wondercon 2012 will be held in Anaheim, CA from March 13-16th. This is the first time in the convention’s twenty-five year history that it hasn’t been held in San Francisco. Not to worry, however: the show organizers promise that Wondercon will return to its home city in 2013.

Reviews: Over at The Comics Journal, Rob Clough characterizes Americus as “part love-letter to libraries & literacy, part rite-of-passage, and part diatribe.” In his latest From Friendly Ghosts to Gamma Rays column at Comic Attack, Drew McCabe looks at Pokemon, WordGirl, and more. Other reviews of note:

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Katherine Dacey has been reviewing comics since 2006. From 2007 to 2008, she was the Senior Manga Editor at PopCultureShock, a site covering all aspects of the entertainment industry from comics to video games. In 2009, she launched The Manga Critic, where she focuses primarily on Japanese comics and novels in translation. Katherine lives and works in the Greater Boston area, and is a musicologist by training.

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