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Graphic Novel Reporter has just published its list of Great Graphic Novels for Fall 2011. As always, the list is divided into sections for kids, tweens, and teens, making it easy to find age-appropriate titles for your favorite young readers.

In licensing news, Archaia will be publishing Marjane Satrapi’s latest book, The Sigh, in November. The story focuses on a young woman who learns the hard way that every wish comes with a price. Mark Smylie, Archaia’s chief creative officer, describes it as “a timeless fairytale that promises to capture the imaginations of readers both young and old.”

Also in licensing news: Fantagraphics has licensed Moto Hagio’s Heart of Thomas. First published in 1974, this 500-page story explores the emotional lives of three young men at a European boarding school, and is considered one of the first examples of shonen-ai (boys’ love). The English edition will be translated by manga scholar Matt Thorn, who also translated Hagio’s A Drunken Dream & Other Stories. Fantagraphics anticipates a summer or fall 2012 release.

Is TOKYOPOP still hoping to distribute volume three of Hetalia: Axis Powers, despite shuttering its North American publishing wing? Johanna Draper Carlson investigates.

Whoops — DC Comics discovered a small but visible printing error on issue one of Green Lantern. DC is in the process of recalling the faulty comics; replacement copies are expected to ship on October 12th.

Chris Wilson offers a short but helpful list of comic book resources for teachers wishing to discuss 9/11 with students.

Over at Comic Book Resources, Steve Sunu interviews Royden Lepp about his all-ages series Rust, which has just been optioned by 20th Century Fox.

Raymond Masters sits down with writer Tony Bedard to discuss his latest project: DC Comics’ reboot version of Blue Beetle. Click here for a sneak peek at issue one.

The ladies of Sequential Tart compile a short but thoughtful list of superhero comics for kids. “These are the best all-ages superhero comics, with lots of action, lots of adventure, Important Life Lessons, no foul language, no sex, and little to no gore,” contributor Rebecca Buchanan explains. “In other words, they are just plain fun to read.”

Riverdale will be rocking when the band KISS makes an appearance in Archie Comics, and CBR’s Shaun Manning talks to Archie writer and artist Dan Parent, and marketer Alex Segura about the four-issue story.

Eric Orchard visits Little Island, the new comic shop in Toronto that specializes in kids’ comics.

Reviews: Suzette Chan dives headlong into DC Comics’ New 52 with reviews of the all-new Action Comics, Animal Man, Batgirl, and Justice League, while Drew McCabe reviews an assortment of kid-friendly titles that includes the latest issues of MegaMan, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Super Dinosaur.

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