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ICv2 has just released its list of the ten hottest kids’ comic properties from summer 2011. Not surprisingly, Diary of a Wimpy Kid hangs on to the top spot, but The Simpsons, Geronimo Stilton, and The Smurfs also make strong showings. For manga lovers, ICv2 has compiled separate  lists of the top ten shojo (girls’) and shonen (boys’) properties for the same period.

ICv2 also reports that Marvel Comics is jumping on the day-and-date bandwagon. By March 2012, all new Marvel periodicals will be available in digital format on the same day as the print edition arrives in stores.

Curious about the Disney/Marvel crossover that was announced at New York Comic-Con? Albert Ching sits down with the creative team behind Prep & Landing: Mansion Impossible, which will appear in the all-ages title Super Heroes #20 on November 16th.

Over at Robot 6, J.K. Parkin posts a generous preview of Jarrett William’s Super Pro K.O.: Chaos in the Cage! (Oni Press), a teen-friendly comedy about professional wrestling. The second volume just arrived in stores last week.

And speaking of previews, Brigid Alverson offers a sneak peek at CLAMP’s newest title, Gate 7 (Dark Horse).

The folks at Seven Seas just unveiled their latest acquisition: Young Miss Holmes, a.k.a. Christie High Tension, a mystery series starring Sherlock Holmes’ precocious ten-year-old niece. Seven Seas will release the series in omnibus format; look for the first “casebook” in March 2012.

Hear Dallas Middaugh of Kodansha Comics, Harold Buchholz of Archie, John Cunningham of DC, and Kelly Coyle Crivelli of Random House talk about the latest trends in graphic novels in this week’s Library Journal webinar, taking place November 8.

Are you headed to the Miami Book Fair? If so, be sure to attend The School of Comics and Graphic Novels, a series of panels about using comics in the classroom. All sessions will be held on November 17th between 10:00 am – 3:00 pm.

Chris Wilson explains how he uses Adventures in Cartooning (First Second) to teach kids the fundamentals of literature.

Reviews: Over at Anime News Network, Shaenon Garrity pays tribute to Yumi Tamura’s shojo epic, Basara, while the No Flying No Tights crew looks at four Marvel Origins books: The Uncanny X-Men, The Amazing Spiderman, The Mighty Thor, and The Courageous Captain America.

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