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Viz debuts Voltron Force GNs, announces Redakai series

Viz Media seems to be moving into a new section of the market: Licensed series based on animated cartoons, which proved quite lucrative for Del Rey back in the day. The first of their Voltron Force graphic novels debuts this week, and they have plans for a couple more. The books are based on the Voltron Force animated cartoon currently running on Nicktoons, but they bring in three new characters, cadets who are being trained by the existing Voltron Force pilots. You can learn more about the Voltron Force universe on the official Voltron Force website, and Viz has made a video trailer for their book as well.

Viz also recently announced another series of graphic novels based on the Cartoon Network series (and trading card game) Redakai. This blurb from the official press release tells you all you need to know:

REDAKAI follows the adventures of Team Stax as they race against competitors searching the world for mystical Kairu energy, the primal power of the universe. In the hands of good, Kairu is a living force that guides the universe. But in the hands of evil, Kairu is the most destructive power in the world. Those who can harness it can eventually obtain the highest rank of Kairu warrior, a Redakai. Set in exotic locales with amazing battles, monstrous warriors, and super powers, the REDAKAI animated television series has been a hit for young boys 6-12 since its debut on Cartoon Network in July 2011.

The books will be in full color, and the first volume is due out in October.

While comics based on animated series don’t exactly scream quality to adults, kids gobble them up—Del Rey’s adaptations of Ben 10 and Bakugan were their top sellers in 2009, according to BookScan.

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