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Links: A*Tomcat walks into a bar…

Digitial Manga Publishing has successfully raised $49,411 for the publication of three kid-friendly titles by the God of Manga, Osamu Tezuka. Those titles are Unico, a full-color manga about a unicorn; A*Tomcat, a spin-off of Tezuka’s beloved Astro Boy series; and Triton of the Sea, an undersea adventure. Ed Sizemore, host of Manga Out Loud, discusses the Kickstarter campaign with DMP’s Ben Applegate in the latest MOL podcast.

Over at No Flying No Tights, Robin Brenner assembles a panel of librarians to discuss the winners of this year’s Eisner Awards.

And speaking of SDCC, our own Brigid Alverson files a comprehensive report on all the kids’ publishing news from the 2012 show.

The Denver Post reports that the inaugural Denver Comic-Con, which was held in June, was a smashing success, with almost 30,000 attendees. Looking ahead to 2013, show organizers have announced that the indefatigable Stan Lee will be the headlining artist.

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