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Interview: Kazu Kibuishi

On May 4th through 6th, while attending the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, I ran around to as many of my favorite kids comics creators as I could and asked them all the exact same questions. Keep in mind, exhibit halls are crazy loud and crazy busy (even when they’re held in a library), so there is a lot of background noise. Let me know in the comments if you have trouble hearing anything and I’ll translate for you.

Jeez, what do I say to introduce Kazu Kibuishi? For kids, all I have to say is, “Amulet.” For adults it’s, “Flight.” When I say, “Daisy Kutter,” long-timers will nod sagely and possibly even reference this Horn Book article on how to read comics (pdf). (Good news for Daisy Kutter fans: a new edition will be coming soon after a very successful Kickstarter campaign.) Kazu’s work, both as a creator and as an editor, has been so good for so long that, really, no introduction is necessary. Instead, take a look at the video below. Kazu does a fine job of introducing himself.

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  1. Hi I am a big fan of Kazu Kibuishi

  2. Drake Hommerding says:

    So do I, I think his series is great! I am currently working on a Slide show for kazu kibuishi at School and When I am done I might send the slide show to kazu kibuishi himself. Kazu If you get this please keep up the good work.

    P.S I rate his books 10/10 They are that good!

  3. Young Keasan says:

    Hi i big fan of the series hope you mke more book and love read more of your book.

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