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Preview: Jinx, vol. 2: Little Miss Steps

Li’l Jinx started out as a gag comic that ran in different Archie Comics publications; the one-page stories revolved around the rather strong-willed Jinx, her father, and a small coterie of friends. The comics were funny but not particularly deep.

In writing the teen-age Jinx stories, J. Torres has kept the humor but given the characters more depth. I talked to him about Jinx, vol. 2: Little Miss Steps, which came out this week, at Comic Book Resources; Jinx is a more realistic character than the Riverdale crowd, and he gives her some interesting issues to deal with. The result is a very entertaining read that throws a few curve balls at the reader.

For Good Comics for Kids, Torres came up with five trivia questions for me and promised a preview page for each. I got three right; if you think you can do better, the trivia questions are at the bottom of the post, below the preview.

1. What is the name of Jinx’s dad?
2. What is the name of Veronica’s dad?
3. In what city does Jinx live?
4. In what city does Bingo Wilkin live?
5. In which comic (tittle and issue number) did Jinx debut?

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  1. Esther Keller Esther Keller says:

    Wait! What are the answers?

    • Brigid Alverson Brigid Alverson says:

      Hap Holliday
      Hiram Lodge
      Rose Valley, CA
      Pep Comics, 1947

      Here’s a note from the Archie folks with regard to that last question: In regards to the last question: There was a bit of a discrepancy over which issue Jinx actually first appeared in, so instead of asking which issue, we’ll ask which year (it was 1947). We’ll give you that one, anyway.

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